What if a Temp Job Changed Your Life?

You make little decisions every day that seem insignificant. You take the bus instead of the train. You go to the store at 4:00 instead of 7:00. The choices you make are so simple, yet powerful. What if you took some time off from school to take a temporary job just to get some extra cash to finish your degree, and that decision altered your destiny in ways you could never have imagined?

Emily Jordan does just that and lands herself in the world of the rich and powerful billionaire Blackwood brothers. The fraternal twins bear a slight physical resemblance, but they are otherwise very different. Jackson, the responsible brother shoulders the lion's share of leadership and work in the family empire. Joel is the wild and undisciplined rogue who plays more than he works. Jackson exudes power, and Emily is immediately drawn into his aura of dominance.

She can't explain it, but he makes her feel safe and protected. It's as if she belongs to him. And Joel? He's like a grown up version of the high school bad boy who is damned sexy and damned annoying.

Both brothers waste no time marking Emily for their game and bring on a full court press as they vie for her affection. She soon learns that both represent very different kinds of love. Joel is the tantric mystic searching for his twin flame to find the ultimate expression of passion.  Jackson is the dominant male searching for his perfect submissive to train with discipline, pain, and penance. As the brothers weave their spell of seduction around her, Emily struggles with her own confusion over what real love should be. Who will she choose? Will passion or penance win her heart and rule her destiny?

Passion and Penance, an erotic romance by Lana Cordova, is available for pre-order now at these fine book sellers:

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