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The authors of Southern Owl Publications have been mixing up a brand new brew of great reads for your entertainment in the Midnight Oil Anthology, available for pre-order now at Amazon.

The worlds of multiple authors echo in the shadows and will keep you reading into the late-night hours in the Midnight Oil Anthology, a collection of stories highlighting tales of deception. Mingled with romance, horror, mystery, dark humor, and fantasy, this suspenseful collection of stories will have readers on the edge of their seats, biting their nails in worry, and unable to put it down until the tension is resolved. The anthology features works from both established and emerging authors, who were hand-selected for this project.

The assembly of authors includes Joe King, author of the five-star rated meta-fiction hit Raw Egg, Taylor Floyd, highly-acclaimed fantasy author of A Nightingale’s Tale, romance-writing guru Sarah Stein, D.A. Roach, who is most known for various genres of YA novels but also writes series novels of horror and dark fiction, Joe Pranaitis, an acclaimed Sci-fi/Fantasy writer, Freya LeCrow, who has been an author for many years and has created many mystery and paranormal stories, Viv Drewa, a.k.a. The Owl Lady, who writes fictional murder, mystery, romance, and adventure books, Karen Vaughan—a humorous storyteller of murder and mystery, Southern Owl Publications publisher and author, Crystal L. Gauthier, and Skyler Rankin, the newest on the literary scene as an author of YA, paranormal, and mystery stories.

All of these authors are of high caliber, and the Midnight Oil anthology is a collection of writing that has something for everybody. From thrills to chills and side-splitting shrills, this collection is sure to please readers of all tastes. For those who dare to turn its pages, just be sure to keep that midnight oil burning.


Vote for Passion and Penance for Best Indie Book of 2017

It's finally here! The voting window has opened for Amy Shannon's Best Indie Book of 2017. I've you've been following my blog, you know that Southern Owl Publications nominated Passion and Penance for the contest, and I'm so excited to have the chance to be considered for this honor. The competition is tough though, and I need your help to win. You can vote for up to three books on her list and also nominate a book that is not on the list. Contests like this are a great way for new indie authors to get recognition, so whether you vote for Passion and Penance or another book, you can feel good about helping indies compete in a challenging marketplace. So, if you have a minute,  Vote Here!  Thanks!


What's a Writer to Do?

Whenever I have an author interview, there's always one specific question that comes up. "Where do I get my ideas?" I usually smile and say my ideas come from everywhere like headlines, life experiences, news... The truth is a little more complex. I've dreamed of being a writer since I was a teenager, and in many ways, it was kind of a mixed blessing. While it's nice to have a vision, sometimes that vision drives you crazy. I get ideas all the time....I mean ALL the time. Most of my writer friends tell me they have the same kinds of experiences. I've had so many ideas over the years that I can't possibly write about all of them, and that's nerve wracking. 😬 It's tough to decide which ones will end up in a book, and which ones will end up in file 13, otherwise known as crumpled up paper on the floor.

I love telling stories and writing, but the sad truth is there aren't enough hours in a day for me to write everything I want to. My writer brain just doesn't stop working. I might be waiting for a bus and spy a man standing across the street, and right away, my inner storyteller goes berserk. What's he doing? Why is he there? Does he have a secret to hide? Within seconds, I've imagined the guy working for the CIA or meeting his high school sweetheart for the first time in twenty years. It's a compulsion. I can't help it, so what's a writer to do about it? Write.


What if a Temp Job Changed Your Life?

You make little decisions every day that seem insignificant. You take the bus instead of the train. You go to the store at 4:00 instead of 7:00. The choices you make are so simple, yet powerful. What if you took some time off from school to take a temporary job just to get some extra cash to finish your degree, and that decision altered your destiny in ways you could never have imagined?

Emily Jordan does just that and lands herself in the world of the rich and powerful billionaire Blackwood brothers. The fraternal twins bear a slight physical resemblance, but they are otherwise very different. Jackson, the responsible brother shoulders the lion's share of leadership and work in the family empire. Joel is the wild and undisciplined rogue who plays more than he works. Jackson exudes power, and Emily is immediately drawn into his aura of dominance.

She can't explain it, but he makes her feel safe and protected. It's as if she belongs to him. And Joel? He's like a grown up version of the high school bad boy who is damned sexy and damned annoying.

Both brothers waste no time marking Emily for their game and bring on a full court press as they vie for her affection. She soon learns that both represent very different kinds of love. Joel is the tantric mystic searching for his twin flame to find the ultimate expression of passion.  Jackson is the dominant male searching for his perfect submissive to train with discipline, pain, and penance. As the brothers weave their spell of seduction around her, Emily struggles with her own confusion over what real love should be. Who will she choose? Will passion or penance win her heart and rule her destiny?

Passion and Penance, an erotic romance by Lana Cordova, is available for pre-order now at these fine book sellers:

Apple Books




Thanks Owl Branch Book Promotions!

I just want to put out a well-deserved plug for Owl Branch Book Promotions! These wise and wonderful people swooped down and scooped up my book and created a beautiful promo page for me on their site. It must be seen! Check it out at Scroll down to read their exclusive interview and a teaser on Passion and Penance.

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Lana Codova Signs with Southern Owl Publications

If you've been following my blog, you may know that the last few years have been full of ups and downs. I previously signed with Turquoise Morning Press, that unfortunately closed. Shortly thereafter, Torquere Press picked up my book, only to close a year later. It's a tough 'row to hoe' being an independent writer. I suppose it's even tougher for those of us who startup independent publishing houses to support other indie writers. It was good to have had the opportunity to work with both of those publishers, and I learned a lot in the process.

I'm happy to report that Southern Owl Publications has picked up my work, and I'm back in the old saddle. My book, Passion and Penance, will soon be re-released under Southern Owl Publications, and I couldn't be happier. Can't wait to see what their editorial staff and cover artists turn out for my book.


Duty to Warn

As far as romance novels go, Duty to Warn is a quickie. It's a brief suspense thriller loosely based on my experience working as a psych services intern in the penal system. Some of my readers have asked that I dive in and make it longer. What are your thoughts?

Intern psychologist Kallie Parker is on a mission to solve the vicious murder of a psychiatric inmate from the Chicago detention center. Captain John McCabe, the irresistibly handsome and infuriatingly stubborn commander of the jail quickly becomes at once her arch nemesis and the object of her most intimate desires. Trapped in a mystery of deceit, Kallie searches for the truth in a deadly game that may cost her life.

Duty to Warn is available on:


New Digital Diggs

Welcome to my new blog! It feels so different here in my new digital diggs! It's been a long time coming, but I'm back at the old keyboard and writing once again. If any of you have wondered why I dropped off the map, it's been a rough couple of years in the writing arena. All my indie author friends will almost certainly relate to how difficult it is working full time, fulfilling family obligations, and so forth while writing.

You type your little 'piddies' to the bone, get your work out there, and if you're lucky you might get picked up by a publisher. If you're really really lucky, that publisher will stay in business. Two of my previous publishers are now defunct. (moment of silence) I'm starting over with a new one--Southern Owl Publications with my multi-talented writer pal Crystal Miles Gauthier whom I met at a Kentuckiana Authors Book Fair awhile back. I knew right away she was good people.

I also did some major e-housekeeping with setting up this new website with my very own domain. I cleaned up the old Facebook profile, as it was seriously dirty. Literally and figuratively (cue the laugh track). Old posts, defunct publishers, and covers I could no longer use.

I've also decided to branch out into other genres and hopefully write in my own voice some. So, stay tuned, and you'll be seeing more and different books that I hope you will enjoy.

Happy Reading!